Where to find PlantPaper in the Wild

California (Northern)

Rainbow Grocery, San Francisco

Morningtide, Berkeley

Good Earth Natural Foods, Fairfax & Mill Valley

North Coast Coop, Arcata & Eureka

Zero Grocery, Berkeley

Ethos, Capitola

California (Southern)

Erewhon, Los Angeles

re_grocery, Highland Park

Luca, Highland Park

Wild Terra, Highland Park

Wine & Eggs, Atwater Village

Besties Vegan Paradise, East Hollywood

Otherwild, Los Feliz

New High Mart, Los Feliz

Damian, DTLA

Being in LA, Silverlake

Zero, Los Angeles

The Well Refill, Topanga

General Store, Venice

Wine & Rock Shop, Yucca Valley

Outside Inn, Yucca Valley

Casa Cody, Palm Springs

Fill Up Buttercup!, Costa Mesa

Eco Now, Costa Mesa

Riley's General Store, Duarte

The Waste Less Shop, Manhattan Beach

The Pearl, San Diego

Hummingbird Inn, Ojai

Ojai Rancho Inn, Ojai

Capri Hotel, Ojai

Diani, Santa Barbara

Sama Sama Restaurant, Santa Barbara

The Alamo Hotel, Los Alamos

Cuyama Buckthorn, New Cuyama


Conscious Living, Colorado Springs

Zero Market, Edgewater


Sixth & Zero, Evansville

Onatah General, Indianapolis


Koko Shop, Louisville & Lexington


We Fill Good, Kittery

The Francis, Portland

Rising Tide Coop, Damariscotta

Blue Hill Coop, Blue Hill

North Carolina

West Village Market, Asheville

Earth Sage, Winston-Salem


Minimal Market, Las Vegas

New Mexico

Folklore, Santa Fe

El Rey Court, Santa Fe

New York

Bonberi Mart, Manhattan

The Smile, Manhattan

Maison 10, Manhattan

Orchard Grocer, Manhattan

Cafe Luxembourg, Manhattan

Cafe Cluny, Manhattan

Soho House, Manhattan

La Nature Store, Brooklyn

Sahadi's, Brooklyn

Perelandra, Brooklyn

Precycle, Brooklyn

Northside Pharmacy, Brooklyn

Campbell & Co., Brooklyn

Carrie Lindsey Beauty, Brooklyn

Eco Bronx, The Bronx

Earth & Me, Queens

Alchemy Apothecary, Lloyd Harbor

Eastport General Store, Eastport

Rosie's, Amagansett

Shou Sugi Ban House, Water Mill

Waste Not Shop, Geneva

High Falls Coop, High Falls

Germantown Laundromat, Germantown

Little Rico, Hudson

Barryville General, Barryville

Honest Weight Food Coop, Albany

Brentwood Hotel, Saratoga Springs


Koko Shop, Columbus

Simply Zero, Maineville

Fill More Waste Less, Cincinnati


FD Market, Emmaus

Good Buy Supply, Philadelphia

Wildfire, Martinsburg

Rhode Island

Alma Juice Bar, North Kingston


Animalia, Salt Lake City


Dogwood Refillery, Charlottesville

Mason & Greens, Alexandria

Fill Happy, Williamsburg

Less Than, Norfolk

North Coast Co-op Arcata, California
Wine & Rock Shop, Yucca Valley, California
Tare, Highland Park, Los Angeles, California
Verde Market, Miami, Florida
Bonberi Mart, New York, New York
Germantown Laundromat, Germantown
Germantown Laundromat, Germantown
Animalia, Salt Lake City, Utah
Simply Zero, Maineville, Ohio
Minimal Market, Las Vegas

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