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What is PlantPaper made out of?

Our rolls are made of 100% FSC-Certified, unbleached bamboo, harvested in southern China. Bamboo is one of the world’s fastest growing plants, capable of growing up to three feet in 24 hours. It requires little water, no fertilizer and regenerates on its own after cutting. The more regularly bamboo is harvested, the faster it grows.

Where is PlantPaper produced?

Currently, all the bamboo pulp produced worldwide originates in China. That’s because bamboo grows abundantly there, and the infrastructure to process it is well-established.

Life cycle analyses comparing the impact of tree-free toilet paper produced in China and sold in North America to that of conventional tree paper brands indicate that, even with the incremental carbon and environmental costs associated with ocean freight, tree-free paper uses less carbon by a factor of three. 

Simply put, tree paper is made by systematically destroying the most efficient system of carbon capture on earth: the Boreal Forest. The benefits of keeping those forests working as they’re supposed to far outweigh the costs of the alternative. 

While we’re on the topic, most “American” toilet paper isn’t actually made in America per se. The majority of the pulp now comes from carbon-intensive eucalyptus plantations in Brazil. These plantations stand where rainforests once thrived only a generation ago, with devastating impacts on wildlife, biodiversity, water supply, and global warming. Go ahead, check the package on your grocery store TP. More likely than not, it says “Made in the US with imported parts or materials.” Toilet paper hasn’t been made from American trees in generations.

Is PlantPaper PFAs-free?

There are six main PFAS compounds that account for the majority of PFAS that is detected in toilet paper and other household products—PFHxA, PFOA, PFDA, 6:2 diPAP, 6:2/8:2 diPAP, and 8:2 diPAP. We tested for all six of these, in addition to 22 additional compounds, which are far less prevalent. We tested PlantPaper for all 28 of these, and had zero detections.

Is PlantPaper bleach and formaldehyde free?

Yes, PlantPaper is 100% free of bleach and formaldehyde.

Until recently, almost all toilet paper was made with chlorinated bleach, which, when combined with organic substances like tree pulp, produces dioxins, a class of highly toxic compound considered a “persistent organic pollutant” because of how difficult they are to eradicate. In the last few years, as the damaging effects of bleach on our bodies and the environment became harder to ignore, some toilet paper companies have switched to an ECF process, or Elemental Chlorine Free. This is an improvement over previous methods, but some elemental chlorine is still present in the process, resulting in the formation of dioxins that ultimately find their way into our waterways and bloodstreams. That’s why we chose to make PlantPaper TCF–Totally Chlorine Free. 

Most conventional toilet paper brands are also made with formaldehyde, a known skin irritant and carcinogen. PlantPaper contains zero formaldehyde.

Is PlantPaper septic safe?

Yes! PlantPaper breaks down easily in septic systems. To see for yourself, try this test at home:

Put 4 squares of PlantPaper in a glass jar. Fill the jar ¾ full. Put back on the lid and shake heavily for 10 seconds. If the paper has broken down into small pieces (it will!), then it’s septic-safe.

Compared to other 2- and 3-ply premium toilet paper brands, whether tree- or bamboo-based, PlantPaper breaks down more quickly and completely.According to plumbers we’ve consulted, the majority of clogs are not the result of a change in paper, but rather due to underlying bellies and back-ups in the pipes that gradually worsen over time. Still, no matter what paper you’re using, if you’re a heavy wiper (you use more than 10-15 sheets of toilet paper per visit), consider flushing midway to reduce stress on your system. And consider passing the word along to your children: plumbers report that teenagers especially often use far more toilet paper than necessary.*There’s no truly universal measure of septic safety, because no two septic or plumbing systems are exactly alike. But toilet paper that passes this test will pass easily through almost any well-maintained plumbing system.

How do I update my credit card information?

Once you’re signed in to your account, click "Update Payment" on the right-right column titled, "Your Account."

Under your billing information, press "update card" and you're good to go!

Why do you call yourself PlantPaper?

We do this to distinguish ourselves from tree paper. Technically speaking, trees are plants, but the materials that make up PlantPaper are most definitely NOT trees. They belong instead to the grass family, orpoaceae, a family of plants characterized by long, slender leaves and hollow stems. Unlike trees, most grasses reach their full height in a single growing season compared to decades.

What’s wrong with toilet paper made from trees?

Using trees to make toilet paper is an ecological catastrophe. You’ve probably seen the statistic that 27,000 trees are cut down each day to make toilet paper — a big number to be sure, but what does it mean?

Most toilet paper sold in the U.S. and Canada contains a significant percentage of pulp derived from old-growth virgin trees found in the Canadian Boreal Forest. This forest, which spans Canada (and the rest of the northern hemisphere) just below the Arctic circle, is the world’s most important carbon sink. It stores more carbon than all of the world’s gas, coal and oil reserves combined, and removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere equivalent to the annual emissions of 24 million passenger vehicles.

The effects of clear-cutting these forests are staggering. Clear-cutting the Canadian Boreal Forest releases 26 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each year. While portions of this forest are replanted, even those that adhere to FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) regulations can take more than 100 years to return to their original state, and many never do. Old growth forests are one of the planet’s most important defenses against a warming planet, but it has come under sustained assault by the tree paper industry.

All of this is to say nothing of the impact on indigenous communities in the Boreal region (of which there are over 600) or of wildlife populations (caribou, marten, lynx, and migratory birds in particular) whose numbers have declined precipitously in the last 25 years as their habitats have disappeared.

Tree paper is equally alarming from a human health perspective. It isn’t easy turning big, old trees into soft, fluffy paper. In fact, it takes over a gallon of chemicals per roll, including bleaching agents, formaldehyde, and a handful of known carcinogens. While these chemicals are present in amounts that don’t exceed current FDA regulations, an ever-expanding body of research indicates that toilet paper made with such chemicals is the cause of urinary tract infections, vulvar irritation, hemorrhoids, and a host of other maladies we’d all prefer to avoid.

Despite the ubiquity of toilet paper in our lives, there’s only a small handful of companies who actually produce the stuff, and as a result they hold outsize decision-making power over what products we introduce into our most precious environments.

Why isn’t the toilet paper white?

PlantPaper contains no bleaching or dyeing agents of any kind. The off-white color of our paper corresponds to the natural color of the bamboo pulp used to make it.

Why is PlantPaper better than recycled toilet paper?

Recycled is a big improvement over paper made from virgin tree pulp. It uses less water, less energy, and fewer chemicals. The higher the post-consumer recycled content, the better the paper — at least for the environment.

But our bodies are another story. Post-consumer recycled toilet paper is known to contain small amounts of bisphenol-A and bisphenol-S, better known as BPA and BPS, which is likely the result of the presence of thermal receipts in our paper recycling streams. While these BPA levels are generally under legal limits, we wanted a toilet paper that was entirely BPA-free.

Why is this toilet paper better than regular white bamboo toilet paper?

We’ve spent the last three years working with different manufacturing partners in search of the right combination of ingredients, density, ply and other variables to deliver the strength that we wanted in our paper, while keeping additives to a bare minimum. The result is a product that is stronger and silkier than any other paper we’ve tried.

What’s the deal with the dotted matrix?

PlantPaper’s signature embossed pattern is about more than just decoration; it improves performance. Through trial and error, we discovered that a pattern of dimples running continuously across the surface of the paper helped make the paper grippier, meaning we got more out of each wipe and ultimately used fewer sheets. On the flip side, the debossed side of the paper (the one facing outwards on the roll) is extra silky and soft — perfect for dabbing.

How many sheets per roll?

There are 200 sheets/roll; our sheets have about 20 percent more surface area than typical rolls! Each roll contains 3655 square inches of paper, or 25.4 square feet, spread across 200 sheets.

What are the dimensions of the tissue box? How many sheets does it hold?

Tissue boxes measure 4’’ x 4.5’’ x 5’’. Sheet count is 60 sheets per box.

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes! But for now, only within the province of Ontario.

Can I order wholesale?

Yes! To learn more about MOQs, pricing, and average shipping times, please contact

Can I get a sample?

We’d love for you to try PlantPaper! Unfortunately, shipping a single roll of toilet paper is expensive—both from a dollars and a carbon perspective. As such, we don’t currently offer samples. The smallest pack sizes that we sell are made up of 16 rolls or 12 tissues. You can also check out our website for a list of stockists and away-from-home partners.

Shipping Policy

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Unfortunately, at this time, we can not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or outer US territories. We hope to change that as soon as possible!

Returns & Cancellations

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Once an order has been processed and you receive an order confirmation email, it is no longer possible to cancel or delay that shipment. Our warehouse begins fulfilling immediately.

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